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Movement run by Jews trying to sell things like solar panels, electric cars and so called eco-friendly food products that cost a couple of quid more than anything else. Elon Musk even hired a 16-year-old Swedish girl named Greta Thungberg to be his spokeswoman for the movement/corporate trade mark. Some of them claim to take it seriously and are willing to cause civil disruption risking imprisonment and heavy fines.
Due to the amount of beans they consume and their own self love, the average Extinction Rebellion supporter gives off more greenhouse gasses in their farts than the average human being, making them complete hippocrites.
by Goth Doll September 07, 2020
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A bunch of incompetent middle-class, privately educated pieces of shites that think they have some say in how the rest of the world thinks. If see, laugh and walk away.
Joe: Hey, did you see the protests in London? I think they're called extinction rebellion
Peterfile: Yeah, right after I rammed them with my ford fiesta.. now they're extinct.
by dan. Glee. Sack May 04, 2019
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