(adj.) To be of sufficient value.

(adj.) What i am am not in the eyes of the most mondolicious babes.

(adj.) Deserving credit or having credit or merit; useful or valuable; honorable.

(n.) A distinguished person.

I'm not worthy, your highness!

I'm not worth of Claudia Schiffer; what a fox!

Wayne and Garth: We're not worthy!
by papermachete October 27, 2005
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Definition 1:

Definition 2:
Singer of a lot of jazz music.

Definition 3:
Oddly enough, contrary to definition 3 a person that is worthy is entirely uncreative and unable to coop with day to day challenges.

Definition 4:
Attach sticky hooks to the average fan. Wash panties... but be too stingy to pay for a dryer. Apply undies to fan hooks. Admire your work. Turn fan on. Scream in fear that you are watching panties swing around on the fan in a wibble wobble fashion. Pay for dryer afterall.

Definition 5:
Attempt to get revenge by sending out 20 emails with one word in each. Fail. Utterly Fail.

Definition 6:
Attempt to get revenge by making a bunch of phone calls. Fail miserably.

Definition 7:
Apologize for all of the above... and attempt to regain youthful innocence.
My panties are dry. I'll fix that the Worthy way!

I don't know what to do. I will be worthy.
by D'coy May 17, 2005
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