a family of instruments that have no place in a marching band.

Usually are the most immature in a marching band.

They do however have some importance during concert season (when the awesome brass players aren't playing).
Person 1: Wow, that band sucks!

Person 2: It's not their fault, they just have too many woodwinds. Good bands should only have brass and percussion. I mean... look at Drum Corps.
by Xizor November 25, 2007
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(when your parents are around). Did you enjoy the woodwind the other night?
by brehil September 18, 2008
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The section who tends to play the quietest or the loudest. There's no in between. This section involves Flute to Bari Sax. With Reeds,Double reeds and mouth pieces, this group can be powerful or scared. Typically better at sight reading than the brass section combined, and has more solos in sheet music.
Flute Player: Hey, did you hear that oboe player today in class,

Saxophone Player: Heck Yeah! He/She sounded amazing on her solo.

Clarinet Player: But what about that Bari Sax sound??? That was awesome!!!
Oboe/Bassoon Player:WHO STEPPED ON MY REED?!?!?!?!
Band Director: That Woodwind Section sounded awesome on our songs today! They can leave early.
by Creatively..Hexed00 December 13, 2016
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The Section of the band that everyone wishes they were in. The people in it are the coolest band members. The rest suck.
The Low Brass/Woodwinds are like Sex

1.Tuba Players

2.Baritone Sax Players

3.Trombone Players
by DTHSbum11 June 23, 2009
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Trash. Brass ? Also trash.

You kiss wood when playing a woodwind instrument.
1) "A woodwind? Disgusting. Brass rules."
2) "Well, I like the strings.."
3) "Shut up! Woodwinds are the best!)
2) "Just stop.."
pianist) "whats up"
by i did a joke February 26, 2020
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