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A grouping of instruments including the clarinets, flutes, and saxophones. They are the butt of many jokes in marching band, but off the field they kick any brass ass any day. Also a stereotype.
They are seen as the more mature bunch in band, and generally move in small packs or groups. They are friends with the colour guard, and have a higher count of females generally. Also seen as hardworking by the directors, the woodwind section leader is generally a lot tougher on their people, as their instruments are as naturally as obnoxiously loud as the brass (With the exception of Piccolo.) They are the first to memorize their drill, and leave goofing off to outside rehearsal, or at least are clever enough not to get caught.
After marching season, they are the heart and soul of the Wind Ensemble.
"Woodwind women and brass boys, pick up your music, and set down your toys."


-Trumpet player, at the beginning of marching season.

"You outplayed us in band today. It's not fair! We have thirty second notes."
-The same trumpet player, a week into wind ensemble.

(Please note that second and third trumpets and third clarinets often play the same part. The same applies for first cornet and second clarinet. First clarinet plays with the flutes and, occasionally, the first trumpet.)
by Alice will Appear November 20, 2010
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The want-to-be-brass section who can't play loud to save their lives
"The trumpets are out playing you again wood wind section" said the band director
by high brass for life September 08, 2013
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Woodwinds are the gods of the musical world. One does not mess with the woodwinds. Because they are too awesome to be bothered with non-woodwind stupidity. They are the best section in a marching band, and enjoy mocking the trumpet section for being so terrible. The woodwinds can usually be found being awesome, anywhere you look.
"Look at that trumpet player, messing everything up." "Yeah, it would be so much better if he was a woodwind."
"Woodwinds are gods. Don't mess with the woodwinds." Why not? I thought that-" (vanishes from existance from questioning the woodwinds god-like authority.)
by Woodwind5 January 19, 2012
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Fags who aren't cool enough to play brass instruments. Also, the air that moves across your cock when a chick is giving you that oh-so-special present.
1) We're the woodwind section! We're unimportant fags! 2) I felt the woodwinds on my balls last night.
by BilboBaggins January 08, 2004
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Moronic idiots whose lips aren't strong enough to play an awesome brass instrument.
Yeah man, I used to think he was cool. But then I heard he plays a woodwind instrument.
by Crum May 22, 2004
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A penis fart.

I.e. Wood meaning erection and wind meaning fart.
Guy 1: Ewww.
Did you hear that nasty-ass woodwind I did during algebra?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah man, it smelled like my cock sucked through a blender.
by Senor Anon May 08, 2008
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