Individuals with this name are believed to have jovial nature, they are pretty, intelligent, smart-witted, humane and kind-hearted.

Tuba's are the ones with the caring nature, they are wanted by many but not had by all, they are the epitome of loyalty, faith, love and beauty.
'Oh mama! She's a tuba, I want nothing but her.'
'You're Lucky enough to find yourself tuba'
by Jummyy May 20, 2018
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(In islam) A beautiful and nurturing tree in heaven, which gives milk and shelter, along with food, to children who pass away at a young age. Individuals with this name are known to be very caring, nurturing, sweet, and giving people.
Children who pass away at a young age, are are cared for by Tuba.
by islamoholic August 16, 2011
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A low pitched intrument made for the bassline of a band. With out a good bassline the entire band would fall apart making tubas a main need for bands. Ive also included the following definitions
The case is perfect for hiding dead bodies
The instrument is perfect for ramming someone against a wall and beating the shit out of them litterally..
Tod: He came at me with a knife.
Tod: Thats... Not an excuse.
by theinvisibleman December 17, 2012
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You have sucessfully played the tuba when you do the following. Find a girl over 200lbs. Have her mount you in the 69 position. Make sure her right leg lies between your right shoulder and neck. If she's limber she might even be able to wrap her fat leg behind your back. Her other leg should be in the normal 69 position with her calf, ankle and foot behind your back. She has now mounted you much like a person carries a tuba. Now blow air into her gelatinous ass untill she plays you a massive musical fart.
It was almost 2am, so I settled on some fat chick. I took her home and played her like a tuba! Maybe next time I’ll give her the Texas Tongue Torch.
by The Rock B Town February 24, 2011
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The lowest of brass instruments is the tuba.
by Mz.arnett October 13, 2017
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Noun; a large metal instrument often used to crush the enemies in a quick and swift manner; the ultimate human pancake maker

origin: the tuba was invented in 16th century germany as a specially designed weapon that was very useful in crushing and capturing. the tuba's large interior was not only good for storing the dead bodies of your friends and enemies, but as a brilliant shield. tubas eventually fell out of favor as all weapons do, as only the strongest could support its massive bulk. still, the tuba is often used to make pancakes out of other living creatures such as: penguins, cats, yappy dogs, carrot faced world leaders, creatures which disagree with you, beluga whales, Aye Ayes, etc.

tubas are often found in a terrifying battle formation marching band to demonstrate dominance over the bystanders. if someone is observed to be wearing or doing anything out of the ordinary they will be swiftly crushed.

the tuba is often used along with the flute, a great tool for stabbing and impaling. they make the perfect combo and are often seen together in the dangerous war formation marching band.
the tuba was brought down quickly and swiftly onto the enemy,turning it into the flattest and most delicious looking pancake jimmy had ever seen.
by whatisaflutemayiask April 21, 2019
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When the entire orchestra absolutely, positively MUST be overpowered.
Wow! That tuba player in Ride of the Valkyries was awesome!

Yeah! I paid for an orchestra seat and ended up with a massage chair!
by MythKnight July 29, 2006
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