One who has spent a large portion of time in the woods or is overly familiar with the woods. See also sav
While we were trying to get a cell signal this woodsy SOB started a fire and built a lean-to!
by scrabis March 25, 2005
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1. Abnormally large beaver, usually leader of a group. They can be distinguished by their huge, sharp, Spongebob like teeth.
2. Adjective describing an abnormally erect penis, usually in embarrassing situation.
1. Dude, last night a Woodsy totally crashed my car window.
2. The teacher started yelling at him and he kept getting woodsier.
by El chiuaua February 17, 2011
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An orgy taking place amongst people in the woods; particularly in the mountains of western Carolina.
Several cars pulled off the Blue Ridge Parkway to have a woodsy.
by muggie July 16, 2008
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woodsy is the word for someone who has an increased size in the penis area
OMG Look at Woodsy he has a massive cock
by woodsymfc February 15, 2019
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Always wanting to go to the loo on the way out of the door. Being last minute, being unprepared.
Five people are leaving a building all at the sametime, one person says hang on a minute I need a Woodsy. When in fact they have had all morning to go to the loo.
by Tony Swain May 5, 2009
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aaron woods. Cries at the slightest provocation.Often heard saying"WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!"
Woodsy stop crying!!!
by michael bagatella September 19, 2003
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college party with a keg of beer in the mountains
I went on a woodsie with John last Friday.
by ennaid July 27, 2011
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