A young girl whos loves playing softball/swimming and will hunt down and attack anyone who utters the word "b*tch" in her presense! Also she constantly will endulgy in hand to hand combat with her best friend and bite eachother.
by guy guy May 2, 2005
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Having a raging boner for the entirety or part of a date.
"How was it?"
"It was great, she had such a great arse, I'd rate it 10/10, it was definitely a woodsy date"
by i_bendover87 March 3, 2015
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Extremely earthy, ripe, aromatic flatulence. Thick and pungent, it lingers and clings to the nostrils. It may be accompanied by dibbles of a waxy, oily consistency.
I was in the middle of my presentation when I dropped a woodsy fart. Needless to say a break was called that cleared the room.

My uncle did a woodsy fart right after Christmas dinner. Everyone could taste it and it’s still floating around the living room.
by Dick Onchin December 25, 2021
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Woodsy is a term which refers to someone whose last name ends in woods
by Woodsywoodsy April 5, 2022
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a woman objectifier
"hey did you hear about woodsy?"
"yeah I heard he objectifies women"
by she/them November 3, 2021
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Sometimes an owl Sometimes a man either can be sponsored by werthers original. In human form a woodsy boy gets banned from tesco and local swimming pools on a daily basis. Further information on woodsy boy can be found in most tourist information nooths in major cities across the UK.
Hey see that woodsy boy getting a werthers out of his pocket?
by Trololololol101 November 24, 2021
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