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is a cool athletic boy who has great grades and is better than any siblings at anything whether playing sports or playin a game
Damn Jayshawn how are u so good
by beastmodeallday2110 October 07, 2016
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Someone who's caring to everyone around them and uplifts everyone around them.
"JayShawn is so nice.. why can't every guy be like him"
by A slump gawd October 02, 2017
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Jayshawn is so sexy and fine and he is a football player number 66 on the football team he can be my daddy anytime
by SKYLAR Jones January 02, 2019
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A small child how thinks he is better than everyone. He acts black but is as white as bleach. He is short tempered. No one likes a jayshawn.
Dang, Jayshawn maybe you should put an ice pack on your head to cool that temper
by Sarge615 November 11, 2015
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