Slang term for a group of whites/peckerwoods in prison.
My brother is incarcerated in Folsom. I was worried for his safety because he's white, but he said he's because yhe woodpile took him in.
by Surenos Vato December 7, 2018
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An inmate crew sometimes referred to as a 'car' that is of made up of woods. Woods are white guys, but its not uncommon to see others choosing to run wood. As long as the acting wood REP allows it, then they can ride. Sometimes they will have to jump an outsider into the woodpile. A 3 on 1 full contact situation known as 23 seconds on the wall will be arranged, out of the cameras view. You might have a mixed race running with the woodpile (he will choose wood on day one, and cannot change without penalty). A Hispanic might get jumped out of his car and the woodpile may offer him a ride. (he will need be jumped in). So a car hopper gets jumped twice, in and out. The county jail is a strange place, you do not want to make it a habit. The woodpile rep was probably begging for change a month ago , now hes in charge of 20 felons. Ive never seen a full black guy in a woodpile, but i have seen white boys running with the brothers. . The wood rep will use the term 'woodpile' when referring to his group. . The woods will attend woodpile meetings, dine on woodpile spreads, and close each day with a woodpile sound off.
wood rep: " whiteboys get up !" woodpile meeting in 15 minutes. Wake THE FUCK UP, or i will put your sleepy ass on the wall!"
by byeb April 3, 2021
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To stare intently without focus or intentional thought at an inanimate object with the effect of looking creepy
"What's that guy looking at?"

"Not sure, he's probably woodpiling"
by doubleswan January 2, 2016
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a bunch of hardons,one after the other.
John Holmes had the biggest woodpile in the lumber yard. She got such great tits,she turning my woody into a woodpile.
by wood pile January 19, 2010
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(Noun) A trouble-making, untrustworthy person who often places themselves near to others in the hopes acquiring or overhearing information that they can distort and falsify.
Nickki whispered to Robin, "I need to tell you something, but that snake-in-the-woodpile Brandy is trying to eavesdrop on us. Let's go outside so that the cunt can't hear us".
by Nikki Stixx May 7, 2019
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an unknown person who is the cause
of a problem, or is an obstacle to
solving a problem
"Bob won't even return my call... something else is going on here, must
be a nigger in the woodpile somewhere.
by Bibber February 26, 2005
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