A Sacramento suburb. Residing teens (many of whom are middle and upper-middle class) enjoy complaining about it and saying how awful and boring it is even though it is neither awful nor any more boring than other towns.
Folsom has its flaws, but overall, it's a good town. You can go to the lake, the river, historic Sutter Street, one of two movie theaters, Palladio (once it is finished and is not just movie theaters), golfing, biking on the various trails. You can enjoy nature in the wetlands, play sports, eat, among other things.
by T-Bizzcuit January 25, 2010
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Folsom is a suburb to Sacramento it is mostly a upper class city but some parts of that area do suffer from more crime and poverty then others. Folsom is known for stoners, skaters, girls being hoes, and good school sports teams.
I’m finna slide to Folsom later to get sum dutch bro’s omm
by Chino martinez October 14, 2020
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A suburban town where a bunch of entitled white kids run around being sluts and wannabe gangsters. Teen pregnancy is a usual and you can’t walk around your school with out seeing a white girl wearing a crop top and skinny jeans crying about some dumbass reason. If you are looking for an intelligent conversation you are in the wrong place because everyone in this town is missing brain cells. These white kids call themselves drug dealers when all they do is sell juul pods to 12 year olds. Every Senior in high school preys on freshman and 8th graders and parents don’t know what the fuck is going on in their daughter’s lives.
Jack: “Where are you from”
Jill: “I’m from Folsom”
Jack: “me too, let’s go hit my juul and and spread rumors about your best friend”
by A different path May 6, 2019
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The most boring city on the face of the Earth, full of rich white kids. There really isn't anything to do, and as a teenager if you're unfortunate and have no car and no means of transportation...you're basically screwed.

There are two types of teens in Folsom:

The popular rich kids whose parents pay for everything, who graduate from high school, go to Folsom Lake College, and live in Folsom for the rest of their sad lives, living off of their parents.


The kids who bust their asses to get into a good college, and leave Folsom asap, never to return.

Living here should be considered a form of torture; it may be calm and quiet, but the perpetual boredom isn't worth it.
(conversation between two folsom teens)

Ryan: Hey bro, what are you doing this weekend?

Jerry: Oh I don't know, probably nothing. Do homework I guess, gotta keep my grades up so I can go move out to Maine for college.

Ryan: Aw man, you should drive up to this awesome party far away from this desolate shit town.

Jerry: Sounds fun, but I can't. I have no car and no license.

Ryan: Sucks for you! My parents bought me a brand new Jaguar for my 16th birthday, man I don't know how you live without a license.

Jerry: Me either...
by iHate this fucking town October 30, 2011
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A town east of Sacramento, it is a horrible town filled with fake ass bitches and skinny white "drug dealers" who just sell juul pods to freshmans. A nice town but infested with conservative dickheads who barely graduated highschool. Only good thing about Folsom is that its filled with milfs juiced up from botox.
"Hey man, where do you live?"
"I live in Folsom."
"Oh shit, that town fucking sucks."
"Yeah, it's not the best town."
by eclipse77 August 31, 2020
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A suburb of Sacramento, CA. It is popularly known for Folsom Lake and Folsom Prison. People there are very friendly, and the city has gotten much more diverse over the last few years. The city is politically moderate, with about the same amount of Democrats and Republicans. The school district is top-notch, with Folsom High School being one of the best in the region. Homes here are expensive, but it’s worth it, since the quality of life is so high.
I really enjoy going to Folsom.
by S283926619373 October 25, 2020
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1. A much-maligned burb of Sacramento. It is the locale of the Folsom State Prison, which, contrary to a daffynition written by a prospective inmate from Hellay, is not named Pelican Bay.

2. A location in New Mexico near which the Folsom Man and Folsom Point were discovered. The man lived during an ice age, and the point is considered to be the most advanced stone age spear point ever discovered.

3. A community in Louisiana from which a serial arsonist waged a campaign of at least 70 arsons.
1. I'm not sure why peeps whine so much about Folsom, when Sacratormento is so close. Is it because their Daddies are in the slammer, or is it because their Daddies work at the slammer and come home every night and take out their frustrations on them?

2. When archaeologists found a Folsom Point embedded in the bone of a woolly mammoth, they were finally able to prove that man lived during the ice age.

3. It's not like Louisiana had enough problems after Katrina, is it? They had to have a serial arsonist too.
by Downstrike November 10, 2005
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