A grocery store chain in the Midwest that would rather pay their worthless department managers six figure salaries, purchase huge amounts of TV ad time and sell its customers rotten meat and produce at full price than allow its customers to use credit cards, sell fresh food or make the slightest effort to run an honest business.
Person 1: The nasty ground chuck I bought at Woodman's made me sick.

Person 2: You should have gone to Jewel like a civilized human being.
by Jon Nowak November 2, 2013
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A hillbilly grocery store in the midwest that uses unconventional tactics such as purchasing the worst produce and meat and refusing to accept credit cards from customers in order to pay their useless, rude and entitled employees over-inflated salaries, purchase tons of TV ad time and raise profits.
I presented my American Express to the Woodmans cashier in order to pay for my over-priced rotten meat, brown bananas and dried out lemons and was rudely told that only Link and Debit were accepted.

Other Woodman's Customer: What's an American Express?
by JeffStone October 26, 2013
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An awesome grocery with good priced food and where mostly poor people shop there. People fight over food stamps there, throw shit on the floor there, brake stuff and put it back, and steal food out of the packaging.
Woodmans is soooo ghetto
by ytytyt August 21, 2012
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For someone to go around getting alot of wood. Can be seen as a sexual innuendo.

A woodman list is a list compiled of the different woods someone has collected.
Michael: 'Who's the next on the woodman list'

Josh: 'Who know's'.
by Cuurayyy July 16, 2009
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The deliberate act of a waiter bringing sausage to a male restaurant patron who ordered a non-sausage food item.

It is said that the male patron "got Woodmaned."
Guy: "I'll have the ribeye and a baked potato."

Waiter brings out sausage links.

Guy: "Damn, why'd you Woodman me, bro?"
by TWTB February 22, 2012
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1. a man or boy without inhibitions who frequently gets involuntary or random erections, especially in embaressing situations

2. a man or boy who wakes up with spontaneous powerful erections which are really stiff
I got myself into an embaressing woodman situation this morning
by tory borty December 24, 2012
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