low hanging, flat breasts resembling pancakes.
When I was feeling up your grandma, I realized she had mad flapjacks.
by Copie Boy November 6, 2002
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much the same as Hangy tits, flapjacks are large breasts (seemingly large, anyhow) that fall past the bellybutton when freed from their restraints. Usually veiny, with nipples pointing southward.
Bob: Damn, she's got some tig ol' bitties.
Bill: Nah, I'll bet they're flapjacks.
by jerkamiah666 April 30, 2007
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My good friend Andrew informed us that his ex-girlfriend, Laura, had some mean flapjacks.
by Edward the Great April 8, 2004
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naked jumping-jacks. usually done to a team-mate while he ties up his laces in the locker room.
Ahhh! dude! stop with the flapjacks before i rip your nades off!
by Wahtever May 21, 2003
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