shee-yt An excentric gangster's way of saying the actual word. Three "i"s allowed.
"Shiit, I'm outta coke!"
by dkdwneees December 16, 2013
More appropriately, Shi'a or Shi'i. The second largest sect of Islam, founded by followers of Ali, the fourth Sunni caliph (successor to Prophet Muhammad) who married the Prophet's daughter Fatima. About ten percent of the world's Muslims are Shi'a, and prefer to call themselves Ahl ul-Bayt (the 'People of the House', i.e. family of Muhammad). The largest Shi'a denomination believe in twelve imams, Ali being the first, and the last, al-Mahdi, is in hiding and expected to return to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The differences between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims have more to do with politics and culture than faith and religion.
Shi'ism is most prevalent on either side of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the modern nations of Iran and Iraq (more in the southern part of the latter). The Shi'as of Iraq suffered great persecution under the nominal Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein. Currently, a young Shi'a cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, is leading a powerful resistance against the American and allied occupation forces from the holy city of Najaf.
by LudwigVan August 24, 2004
Shiite=From a colloquialism meaning, "She is alright". Spoken commonly in urban Neighborhoods.
Man 1: yo tony, how's tonia? i heard she got hit in the head with a log?

Man 2: Naw man, it was just a twig. Shiite.
by Generic Black Man #42 November 18, 2010
“Shi‘a” means a group of followers and it occurs in the Quran
many times in reference to the followers of the previous prophets, such as Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and Prophet Musa (Moses).2 Shi‘a today refers to the followers of a particular school of Islamic thought, which is based on the teachings of the Prophet and his family, and sometimes it is referred to as the “school of Ahlul Bayt” (the family of the Prophet). While no schools of thought existed at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, he still used to refer to a certain group of people as the “Shi‘a of Ali.”
The parable of Ali is like a tree, in which I am the root, Ali is the branch, Hassan and Husayn are the fruits, and the Shi‘a

(shiite) are the leaves.3
(Ibn Hajar)
by ShiaOfAli September 22, 2017
A certain self flagellating cult that is full of odd practices like mutah(holy prostitution) and matam(slapping head or banging head). They are taught to practice taqiyyah(lying) as an obligatory practice in their religion. They sometimes falsely ascribed to the religion of Islam.
by Sir Ben Kingsley October 26, 2016
1.A pseudo-expletive usually preceding and exclamation point.
2.a compound adjective used to described something that is of the religious Shiite muslim faith
1. Student 1)Holy Shiite! I bombed that test on Muslim feminist theatre
Student 2) That totally sucks, dude.
2.Newspaper headline- Iraq insurgents bomb holy Shiite shrine
by prague1 May 13, 2006
When you drop a mad deuce, similar to an bomb, with a toxic/fatal odor.

Shiite (or Shia): One of the branches of Islam; Doesn't dig America. Makes America go boom.
Male 1: "Dude, I've got to take a shiite shit!"
Male 2: "Okay, but not in my bathroom, that shits EXPLOSIVE."
by kitty5050 August 31, 2015