When a feminist decides to make up some bullsh*t thing men do and then tries to explain it as if it's a real thing.
Example: She just tried womansplaining, what a fu*king idiot
by MassiveBellend98 April 28, 2021
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When a woman accuses a man of mansplaining, but he isn't at all, but proving a valid point.
Him: In chemistry there have been examples of dry chemicals, or chemicals that are in liquid state but not wet. lava is amongst these, therefore lava is not wet.
Him: Quit Womansplaining me
by Aiedale December 01, 2020
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When a woman overconfidently explain to a man how he should act in the world, elaborate emotions or behave with other women, without actually knowing much about how men's everyday experience.

Womansplaining involves mostly fields that have been traditionally female, such as social relationships management, emotions, and it often uses basic psychological words to add credibility.

It derives from the central position women's opinions assumed after feminism, and it is stressed by the importance given by media to these.

Womansplaining is more difficult to detect than mansplaining, because many men undergoing womansplaining are self-conscious and they do not protest against this patronizing attitude. These men give great importance to the woman's explanation, trying to learn something they think they cannot figure out themselves, especially when it comes to "how to get women to like them" or "how to be a proper man".
A: I heard her womansplaining to Jake how to ask Maddy out on a date.
B: And what did she say?
A: You know... usual stuff... "You gotta be confident you gotta be sweet" and bla bla...
by Matteo Moraschini December 27, 2018
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The act of a woman claiming a man is mansplaining even though he had good evidence and is totally right woman who do not claim this are not woman splaining
β€œHey did you know that mushrooms are a hive mind.” Woman β€œ cool that reminds me of .” Man
β€œI wasn’t done stop mansplaining.” Woman

β€œThat’s not a real thing.” Man β€œyes it is I had it done to me all of my life.” Woman β€œyeah because you have had conversations all of your life and quit womansplaining.” Men
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by Gohan is the best May 16, 2020
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Womansplaining is the repeated, futile attempt by a woman to get a man/group of men to listen to her when she knows more about a subject (often being her own body) instead of talking over her and dismissing her ideas, thoughts and opinions solely based on her gender.

Often incorrectly used by men, in knee-jerk retaliations, to mean a female version of a "mansplainer." The unequal dynamic is similar to that of the word "whitesplainer;" a patronising white person telling (for example)a black person of colour what it's like to be black, and how they should overcome racism.
I tried telling that man that period pain can be excruciating but he loudly talked over me with his opinion until mine just became futile womansplaining.
by Jemima True January 22, 2021
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