When a woman fakes empathy, and or pretends to be on your side in order to get her point across to you.
Man: I can’t believe it’s legal to be lesbian but illegal to be gay in Kuwait.

Woman: boohoo stop bitching about everything just cause you’re a faggot.

Man: hey you’re being homophobic!

Woman: I’m not homophobic, I’m queer myself, I’m just saying, I know it can be hard for you as a gay man but that doesn’t mean you have to complain all the time. This is a W for women so please let us enjoy it.

Man: Are you womansplaining?
by LionVenom July 08, 2019
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Wokely highlighting obvious aspects of things everyone has considered under the assumption a man couldn't ever have considered or understand structural inequalities.
Her: "Mansplaining is actually when a man condescendingly explains things to a woman, usually because on an unconscious level they consider them less intelligent, although they don't know that they hold these beliefs, as they have been reinforced by wider cultural factors"

Me: "Yes I know, Karen, I just used it in a sentence, stop Womansplaining at me"
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by SumoVega June 08, 2020
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Similar to mansplaining, but instead of patronizing dialogue, she feels the need to explain her emotions and/or reason for her stated comment.
Usually happens when a woman feels the need to reconcile after her statement.
Ex. A
Coworker 1 : After John said “how much longer?”, Sally gave a long explanation on all the reasons for the wait instead of just telling him the time.

Coworker 2 : “Oh she was just womansplaining.”

Ex. B
Guy_gamer-1 - “Give me free stuff.”

Girl_gamer - “How many times is this guy gonna ask for free stuff?”

Guy_gamer-2 - “Damn why you say that?”

Girl_gamer - **very long description on how many times the guy_gamer-1 has asked for free stuff and goes on to explain how she was feeling for each of those times**

Girl_gamer - “Now he knows not to do that again.”
by Bubby Johnson November 06, 2020
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