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When a woman attempts to tell a man how his brain works and what the motivations behind his various thoughts, words and actions are; in spite of the fact that her interpretations are based in her own hyper-sensitive paranoia; whilst his explanation is based on the fact that he knows what he meant better than she does.

Common traits in observation:

Most commonly observed after a woman accuses a man of misogyny for a typically irrational reason.

The womansplainer well never admit to a man that she is actively choosing the interpretation that most demonises him; no matter how contrived that interpretation may be. She may however, concede to a more intelligent and reasonable woman that she 'misunderstood' him; so as to risk further losing face, whilst denying personal accountability. However, the more juvenile womansplainer will pout and angrily declare that the more rational woman is 'a traitor to women everywhere!' for pointing out her stupidity and prejudice

Guy 1: God, that girl's stupid! Doesn't she know Barbie isn't a good choice of role model!

Girl: Typical man! Can't handle the threat of an iconic, confident female character! You have to demean it! Can't let young girls have self-confidence, can we!?

Guy 1:....Barbie dolls have unrealistic body proportions and encourage materialism and superficiality.

Girl: Yeah but...You just can't handle confident, happy women, can you!? Misogynist!

Guy 1: What!?.. how do you even!?...

Guy 2: Ignore her dude, she's a womansplainer.

Guy 1:ohhhhhhh...*ignores*
by Quackers McKnightington July 03, 2012

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