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Essentially when a man assumes a woman (sometimes a man) lacks knowledge in an area where she (or he) is known to be an expert
Me reading the other definitions of "mansplain": Wow, these all sound like they were written by men who have never experienced mansplaining themselves! Now, they're trying to explain what it is. CLASSIC mansplaining!!

2nd-year law student: I cannot believe Matt just mansplained me about the difference between prosecutors and defense attornies. This dude is referencing TV shows LMAO
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by shhhhhhhlj January 27, 2018
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
Looks like its thumb day again for Jimmy with his usual routing... 3 sets of 5 snapchat selfies and 10 sets of scrolling through facebook until exhaustion
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When a man explains something to a woman, uninvited, about a topic she is either equally qualified or more qualified to talk on.

A male doctor explaining something to a female patient, for example, would not be mansplaining.

Examples: The guy who tried to tell Margaret Atwood about "The Handmaid's Tale", the guy who told Katie Mack, who has a PHD in Astrophysics, to "learn some science" because he thought climate change was a hoax, the man who tried to correct a woman about how to pronounce her own name correctly, an Englishman correcting a Welsh woman on her Welsh pronunciation.

See also Dunning-Kruger effect.
Look at this idiot trying to mansplain periods to women... he thinks women only have nine periods a year... wait 'til you hear his lecture on how to insert a tampon correctly!
by Jorgs August 02, 2019
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When someone "explains" something to another person about a topic they are already familiar with/understand. This is typically done in a condescending manner under the pretense that the speaker knows more about the topic than who they are speaking to, i.e. they are subordinate.
1) Explaining the rules of poker to a poker dealer
2)Repeating a point back to someone in your own way, even if they just said the same thing
3)Telling a person that you know more about something because of blank, even though they are a professional/have a degree in the field that you do not have

Sidenote: it is okay to know a lot about a topic and make this known in conversation, but assuming that you know more than someone else, not accepting if you are wrong, not accepting that they may simply be more knowledgeable, and/or doing so in a condescending manner means that you are mansplaining.

Note: this definition and examples were built together by both a man and a woman
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A way to attack faux sexism by using actual sexism
She said an El Camino was a truck. I told her I feel like it’s more a hybrid of a car and a truck.
She shot me for mansplaining and the woke majority called her queen
by CreativeFunnyName November 08, 2020
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Quite regularly, during team meetings in front of every else, when a woman who is reporting on her own project work with which she is most experienced with and has worked in the field for over twenty years, another peer always feels the need to "complete" her sentences mid-way, talks over her, hijacks her time to shine, taking over the explanations, progress report, issue deconstruction, evaluation, or review, thinking that even though they only have one fifth of the experience, knows little to nothing of her project work in detail, they must though have the knowledge to report on the woman's work better than she can.
She (as the lead scientist): To report on my findings of the project work I have been completing for the past month,

He (as the apprentice): <interrupting> the results show... bladibla…

Her peers: rolling their eyes, internally thinking (there he goes again, mansplaining...what a narcissist!)
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A bullshit term used by supposed feminists (read: misandrists) to dismiss any logical and/or factual explanation by a man simply because they have issues with men.
Woman: "Men are more privileged than women in almost all areas of life."
Man: "That's not true. We're mostly alone and treated with contempt, nobody cares about our problems, and if we're useless for any reason, we're left to die."
Woman: "Please. Save me your mansplain of how you have it worse than us."
Man: ".... what?"
by Davis The Untamed July 19, 2020
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