An insult used to describe a person who gets easily outraged and professes a moral high ground over social justice issues.
That wokester got offended by my comment expressing disgust towards violent criminals.
by lulu kitty September 10, 2019
An easily offended 20-something idiot who believes the word 'woke' legitimizes their self-centered view of the world. These individuals often lack skills in civil discourse, or an educated background in any subject they rant in.
Bob: Hey Jim, check out that San Francisco wokester blocking conservative speakers from voicing their 1st amendment rights in a civil, university sponsored debate.

Jim: Yeah, what a useless waste.
by brobean June 6, 2017
A self-righteous person who prefers form over substance. Often a moron and always a pussy.
by JeffersonWheelchair April 13, 2022
Anything that Sony releases under the PlayStation brand as they only care about checking social agenda boxes on hot button SJW issues.
1. Man, have you seen all the new SJW content Sony has coming for the Wokestation? They have the last of us, the last of us 2, the last of us 2 remastered, the last of us 2 Ps5 edition, the last of us remake and I hear they're going to give us the last of us 3 sometime, too!

2. I love how woke the Wokestation is, it let's me play all my SJW box checking games all in one place! The last of us, Horizon zero dawn, returnal, female ratchet and clank and a host of other box checking games!

Now you're playing with woke power!
by F-Face Kat June 30, 2021