3 definitions by JeffersonWheelchair

A self-righteous person who prefers form over substance. Often a moron and always a pussy.
by JeffersonWheelchair April 13, 2022
It's a day in September in which people are encouraged to act like the gayest assholes in the fucking world.
Oh boy, I can't wait to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day with my tiny, tiny penis!!!
by JeffersonWheelchair May 7, 2022
A dubious hodgepodge of dishonesty and Nazi sympathy that tends to be the touchstone of libertarian cranks, shitlibs and Jordan Peterson dorks the world over. The bellwether for figuring out if someone is an apple polisher or bootlicker.
Imbecile: Communism killed 100 million people, I read it in the Black Book of Communism.
Me: You actually watched a PragerU video on YouTube and your penis is very, very small.
by JeffersonWheelchair April 17, 2022