8 definitions by F-Face Kat

A person (usually white males: but can be any race) who are filled with estrogen rage due to low testosterone levels and high sensitivity issues. This makes them act out and get emotional when confronted with a difference of opinion, be it political, social or recreational.
1. I can't believe those soystorm (s) clouded up and tried to ruin everyone's great time with their woke agenda.

2. Stop being a soystorm and eat your tree bark and plant thistle, Tanner.

3. All it took for Nathaniel to go into a soystorm was seeing those unwoke gamers not give The Last of Us2 the respect it deserves.
by F-Face Kat June 29, 2021
Someone who is fully invested into something insanely ignorant and or has no original thought of their own.
Twitter is full of IQ80's who like to worship at the altars of their respective Twitter Titan lords...
by F-Face Kat December 27, 2022
A person who is basic, boring, bland and usually bald by choice. Vin Diesel is the perfect example of a default. He looks like a create a wrestler or fighter in a videogame before someone makes it unique and gives it a personality.
Did you see that Fuggin' default looking for a personality?
by F-Face Kat June 29, 2021
Anything that Sony releases under the PlayStation brand as they only care about checking social agenda boxes on hot button SJW issues.
1. Man, have you seen all the new SJW content Sony has coming for the Wokestation? They have the last of us, the last of us 2, the last of us 2 remastered, the last of us 2 Ps5 edition, the last of us remake and I hear they're going to give us the last of us 3 sometime, too!

2. I love how woke the Wokestation is, it let's me play all my SJW box checking games all in one place! The last of us, Horizon zero dawn, returnal, female ratchet and clank and a host of other box checking games!

Now you're playing with woke power!
by F-Face Kat June 30, 2021
Anyone who seeks to find something offensive in something that really isn't offensive in hopes of causing massive outrage while getting social media approval in the process.
I can't believe the Woke Culture Vultures came and found something offensive with what Barry said -- None of us even knew saying someone who had dark eyes was offensive, racist, problematic, misogynistic and rooted in white Supremacy.
by F-Face Kat June 29, 2021
Any game played from the first person where you play as a gun or a set of hands. These are usually horror games or mindless online shooters like Call of duty and Battlefield. They are lazy ways to mask terrible animations and haven't evolved since Doom...

These games only require you walk, run, jump, flip switches, open doors, push buttons and or shoot people. They are for IQ80'S and result in massive oversaturation of the market...
1. I can't wait for the new Call it Duty 87th season and Battleland 27 to drop. Those are seriously the two best PAAGGS/PAHG I've ever played, dude bro. I love playing as a gun in all my games!

2. Did you see the next Resident Evil game is going to be a PAAGG/PAHG? It's totally awesome we get to play as a pair of hands instead of an actual character.
by F-Face Kat June 29, 2021
An absolutely absurd action or relapse in judgment by someone or a group of people collectively.
Treyjon is such a clown dick, that dude could fuck up an ice cream cone.
by F-Face Kat December 25, 2021