To have the same views on sensitive subjects held by McDonalds and all the elites you are supposedly against but still consider yourself a rebel and believe you are in a movement for change and love and not just being used to destroy or replace something.

Often has high viewership and likes, many aggressive followers, and loves to use clapping hands. May or may not support violence when opposing views are considered Nazis by said elites or 'more woke' accounts.
Woke Twitter in Action

Person 1: Borders may in fact prevent some illegal immigration. And I do think there are racial differences in people....

Woke person 1: Borders are a mechanism to divide perceived racial groups based on hatred and must be removed for societies to thrive and prevention of separating children from families. It is also an egregious attack on the economy as infinity wage slave immigrants will be used to prop up our society through taxation. Race doesn't exist.

Woker Person 2: Supporting borders is akin to Adolf Hitler and Nazis in early stages wanting to separate the Jewish population from the German population. It is also the cause of many historical wars. It is a precursor to fascism and will only lead to violence. Immigration is about love and friendship, when a small group of immigrants attain a visible amount of power they should be lionized as the American dream so the rest of the immigrants don't realize they never will. Race doesn't exist and is contradictory to this and must be denied at all costs because knowledge of evolutionary traits and differences can cause conflict among races and is dangerous thought. Also I don't like white people.

by John Nostalgia October 18, 2019
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A collection of Twitter users with marginally Left-leaning views and opinions that deceptively seem to be widely shared with the broader public by virtue of the fact that such users are incredibly vocal and get many retweets.
John: I don't really agree with the administration on immigration, but I don't think we should have open borders.

Woke Twitter: You mean you hate brown people and want to separate infants from their parents and keep them in concentration camps?

John: No, Woke Twitter. That's not what I meant.

Woke Twitter: *retweets with clapping hands*
by NOLAbLUE August 16, 2019
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people digging back many years to find something problematic about currently unproblematic people so they can "cancel" them

not to be confused with woke twitter
Fake woke twitter is annoying and needs to stop digging up irrelevant shit celebrities did in the past that has been apologized for and learned from.
by spilledtea March 8, 2018
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people calling out ignorant people that need to be addressed for current inappropriate behavior and/or words

not to be confused with fake woke twitter
Woke twitter, unlike fake woke twitter, addresses relevant, current incidents involving things like discrimination, wrongful shaming/bashing, or making jokes about very serious topics.
by spilledtea March 8, 2018
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Coined by Drew Monson.


“People who talk about progressive movements, (prohibiting actions, and declaring work behavior.) But they are also bullies!”

Drew: “I followed these people before who are making cool tweets about like, transphobia or whatever, (but) then they’ll be calling someone fat! Just be *nice*!”

“You can’t be nice but *also* a bully. It doesn’t make any sense to be with these progressive movements and also making fun of the way people look in such an intense way.”
NBT: “Boys and girls and in between can look and feel how they want! Everyone has a right to the body hey deserve!”

A few minutes later, NBT: “This THING wearing DREADS is disgusting! What incest orgy did they crawl from? Cancelled!”

OTHERS: “Looks like Woke Bully Twitter is at it again!”
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A woke person that isn't simply "woke", they also hate all non-woke people such as; Straight People, White Men, Anybody that doesn't use Twitter, Etc. Etc.
Person 1: Did you hear that Sarah is so Twitter-Woke?
Person 2: On God, yesterday she tweeted "#killallmen"
by TheGamingPop July 10, 2023
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