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An eccentric character from the television show Parks and Recreation. Known to be slightly crazy, and head in the clouds. Uses songs to accentuate words often. Many, many, great quotes (totally should look them up).
Sally: Ugh, I hate how today is going.

Roger: Well, as Jean Ralphio once said, 'When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma's jewelery and you go clubbin'.

Sally: That didn't help at all, but thank you.
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Coined by Drew Monson.


“People who talk about progressive movements, (prohibiting actions, and declaring work behavior.) But they are also bullies!”

Drew: “I followed these people before who are making cool tweets about like, transphobia or whatever, (but) then they’ll be calling someone fat! Just be *nice*!”

“You can’t be nice but *also* a bully. It doesn’t make any sense to be with these progressive movements and also making fun of the way people look in such an intense way.”
NBT: “Boys and girls and in between can look and feel how they want! Everyone has a right to the body hey deserve!”

A few minutes later, NBT: “This THING wearing DREADS is disgusting! What incest orgy did they crawl from? Cancelled!”

OTHERS: “Looks like Woke Bully Twitter is at it again!”
by klondikebaryoulldoanythingfor January 02, 2019
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A freaky chick into freaky shit. Typically someone who is also into anime.
Leslie: What is the deal with Katy?
Vanessa: Oh she's a whole ass freakaboo 100%
Katy: I took a shit and had a spicy ass butthole lawl
by klondikebaryoulldoanythingfor February 20, 2018
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