I'd like to grab on NBT.

"would you like anything?" "yes, NBT please"
by ALBD December 13, 2012
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Shorthand for "Nothing But Time" or What you say when one person is freaking out about there not being enough time to accomplish a task but the other person is confident that no matter the pressure or limited amount of time, it can be accomplished.
person 1: It's 10 minutes till 6pm and we're 5 miles away are we going to get there in time?

person 2: Dude, we've got NBT!
by Mr. Knowsitall February 23, 2009
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short for "Nothing But Trouble", used in a situation thats obviously not a good idea.
Bro, getting a rim job from that prost-a-tot is NBT.
by Chris "KMoney" Mason November 6, 2007
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Abbreviations for the following:

1. Nigga Be Trippin
2. Nothing But Trouble
3. Nothing But Titties
4. Nothing But Twats
1. (At a club in Thailand)
A: Damn cuh, I am horny, I'm gonna try to get some from that hoe.
B: NBT!!! That's a dude. (Nigga Be Trippin)

2. If person A in example 1 didn't believe person B and took the hoe from the club back to his hotel room that would be NBT. (Nothing But Trouble)

3. A: I would love to smash my face in between her jugs.
B: I want to stick my cock in between them.
A: Ah, NBT.(Nothing But Titties)

4. A: My dick has been erect since we've been in this gentlemen's club.
B: Right on, NBT!!! (Nothing But Twats)
by NBT February 6, 2009
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Next Best Thing - acronym to describe the phenomenon where gay men - perhaps str8 too - continuously and ravenously look for something better or more than what's currently on tap.
&sing Grindr and chatting with several guys, after making a plan … something takes over - the NBT Affect -wanting a better version or opportunity and ignored what was right there in front of them.
by Skõt August 16, 2021
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What's up!!! I just crushed some pussy that was Chigida'd (See Chigida)

by Dre money December 19, 2015
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