Someone who works WAY harder than everyone else.
Jane: Hey Nance, are you finished with all your work?
Nancy: Yeah, but I'm going to start tomorrow's work so I can be ahead of everything.

Jane: Oh my god, you're such a woker.
by whatsamatterwityou May 08, 2011
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A person who can't decide between a wannabe and a rocker.
by Katine January 04, 2006
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A person who does not allow one to gain knowledge.
Why don’t you share your lasagna recipe? You are such an anti-woker!
by Modern life definitions October 21, 2019
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A constant feind for tobacco products.....
This term is used when the mogie feels the need to mess up in society.

j- nemy
that mother fuckein mogie woker.
he smells like a mogie woker.
mogie wokerrrrrrrrr!!!!!
by TTKKJV May 03, 2008
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When you hit a mans dick with a Wok.
"That woman just hit that man's dick with a Wok! She is such a 'Dick Woker'!"
by eddypulham August 31, 2011
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Someone who believes to be more "woke" than the average population. This person always tried to dominate a conversation and ridicule opposing viewpoints. His views are the smartest and the most ethical. Any attempt to make him or her see a different point of view would be a sign of willful ignorance.
Stop acting so woker-than-thou! You don't have the answer to the world's problems.
by Fed-upmillenial30 July 11, 2020
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Someone who is smarter then Einstein himself or god. He is so intelligent that he is more woke then everyone else. He knows everything and everyone. And he is cocky af
OMG patrick you think you are so much woker then us! Fucking gnome cunt!
by 73FL0N March 27, 2019
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