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When a news article or link has a provocative title in order to get you to click on it.
Even though it's actually total sensationalism bullshit.
'President Obama loves KKK!?'

"Hey what the fuck, Deshaun you see this shit?"
"Ahah man, that shit's just click-bait!"
"Obama loves the Krispey Kreme's new special item, 'Krispey Glazed Bear Claws.'"
by John Nostalgia August 02, 2014
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Before the internet.

When people still spoke to each other in person, and weren't as socially awkward and scared of confrontation.
And people were less self-aggrandizing and focused on living a faux life online.
Back when 'politically correct' wasn't as rampant.
THEN (Pre-Internet):

In person:
"Hey Sally, let's go on a date!"
"Sure thing Mark!"

NOW (Post-Internet):

On a computer:
"Unnghhffff huhhhh....(LIKE)"
"Hey there, thanks for the like! Please follow me and comment on how much you like the breakfast I had every day, and exclaim how intelligent and attractive I am - or claim to be online!" "And don't ever have a different opinion than me on anything, otherwise I will mute/block you, and I may fall into depression because I have no coping mechanism!"

Ex: No 'Kip Drordys' before the internet.
by John Nostalgia July 11, 2014
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