A viral illness of the flu or upper respiratory tract infection.
My nose is running like a tap, I must be coming down with a ***wog***.
by bionicanaconda May 31, 2009
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1. Prior to its modern usage, the word was used to describe a virus.

i.e. if many people are suffering colds and 'flu, you may hear older Australians say things like, 'there seems to be a wog going around'.

2. An abbreviation of golliwog, a black faced minstrel doll. The word was originally used by whites in England to described black people.
When the 10 pound pomegranates (poms) came to Aus. during the 'White Australia Policy' there weren't many blacks in the cities so the slang morphed to describe the darker skinned, dark haired locals which at the time were mainly Greeks and Italians.
Later as more Mediterranean immigrants arrived; Lebanese, Maltese, etc., they were also called wogs.
Even caucasian looking immigrants were branded as wogs due to non-English accents. Eventually the word applied to any Australian without English heritage or surname, even those born in Aus. with Aus. accents, particularly if they had darker features.
These wogs are ruining our country, even though they come here to get jobs, start businesses, build houses, employ locals, buy goods and services and stimulate our economy which makes us all better off. The taxes they pay do help fund my unemployment benefits so I shouldn't really complain but I don't like to see wogs in my city because I'm a racist arsehole.
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US military term; short for pollywog (tadpole), or a rookie.

Refering to US Navy enlistee or officer who has never been aboardship as it has crossed the equator. A ceremony (akin to a hazing) takes place where the captain of the ship relinquishes command to "King Poseidan" (Neptune) and the wogs undergo ritualistic torment (usually garbage and food dumped on them) and emerge on the otherside of the equator as Shellbacks... and now seasoned Navy men.
I was a wog for the first six months of my tour until we sailed of Perth and I gained my shellback.
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The half way point between a fast walk and a jog.
Because your to unfit/lazy to actualy jog
F*ck, my legs are killing me after that WOG.

I might go for a wog you comming?
by Ciaran. June 2, 2010
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Wog: verb - a combination walk/jog, to exercise by intermixing walking and jogging.
I took the dog for a wog this morning.
by dog's co-pilot January 20, 2011
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a "walk-jog". Wogs happen when a person cannot jog the whole time, but they are not going for a walk
by Spyderluv July 3, 2011
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A word used by people in Scientology for people who are not in Scientology. Such people are generally viewed as less educated or enlightened, people who don’t really understand what is going on.
Mike has a new girlfriend, she is a wog.”
by Good time Charlie April 18, 2019
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