"Alright mate , You seen my new wizzer ? Bought it yesterday."
by APRILIAKTM150 June 7, 2017
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Ther word Wizzer is used as a term for the drug Speed.

"hey man can you score me any wizzer"

"Can i get a gram of wizzer"
by KrAzYHaYzY February 28, 2009
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yeah, the show at the metro last night was wizzer.

wizzer shoes, bro. they look good.
by jared the sell out March 31, 2011
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(to take a wizzer) n. - The superlative form of a whizz or just a plain piss. Wizzers are usually an extreme or prodigious piss that is special in some way:

1. When you've held it for a long time

2. A special or unique piss

3. A long whizz.
1. I held my piss for 30 days and yesterday had an awesome wizzer!

2. Boy: Let's go sign our names on that concrete wall.
Girl: Yeah, I feel like taking a wizzer!

3. John: I need to take a wizzer.
Andrew: see you in 30 minutes!
by JPhat December 20, 2005
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Anything that spins rapidly around a central axis
Free standing "Spinning Eggs" often found in childrens playgrounds are also known as "Wizer or Wizzer"
by MASTER WISDOM April 4, 2008
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