The realization that you are still here and nothing appears to go as planned. In an attempt to powerhouse through your depression and anger towards whatever, you let out a sigh that sounds like it is dying but with that smile everyone knows its fake.
After returning from his engineering class, Mark was asked how his day was going. He replied "Its seems that everyday they are bending me over and I the only thing I can do is sit there with a smile."
by Daddy Looken Fresh December 4, 2021
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A facial expression implemented by girls to kill and enslave entire populations.
Her smile killed me.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk February 22, 2005
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smile, cause you are happy, cause you feel like it, cause life is good. Feeling down? Write a list of good things, call a friend, go for a run, draw, write anything and everything down, turn up a song and dance like crazy, yell, jump on your bed, dress up like a rock star,put on crazy amounts of make up on for the heck of it, just smile.
Jim: Why are you smiling?

Lucy: Because I can.

Jim smiles.

:) :) :) :)
by Undefined88 July 4, 2005
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A lot of people smile because they want to. Some just smile becuase they are having a great day, and others just need someone to smile at them. (:

Smiling can come natually to a happy person, but just think when someone is down smile at them and things might be actually better for them.
Smile becuase you want to, not because someone makes you.
by furimfuelle3 February 7, 2010
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the thing/things supposedly offered by McDonald's employees to their customers along with their meals, but usually when inquired about all one gets is a scowl.
"May I have some extra smiles with that please?" asked Jerold in addition to his meal, but his only response was an unkindly frown by the cashier.

Only under the threat of torture will a McDonalds employee give u a smile.
by Jizzo March 4, 2005
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A smile is something precious. If you see someone smiling at you, it often means they like you. If you see someone upset, you should share your smile with them.
A smile can go a long way, so pass it on.
He has an amazing smile.
by iLove...You July 11, 2008
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