An absolute and valid verbal justification of any action that is seemingly without a clear goal or purpose.
This expression is used to quickly make someone realize that the action in itself is so mindnumbingly cool and awe-inspiring that a purpose is no longer necessary.
Q: Why on earth would you want to play "Für Elise" on an HP Scanner!

A: Because I can

by The Smitemeister March 18, 2008
The only thing you can think to say when someone asks you something stupid
Guy: why are you writing that definition with a stylus?

Me:Because I can
by Sushi_boi3 November 16, 2019
A phrase often uttered by people who have absolutely no logical reason for doing something when asked why they are doing said thing in the first place.
Bob: "Why did you burn down that house?"
Joe: "Because I can."
by VectorFluxion April 24, 2020
in other words fuck u bitch

if someone was to say y u do that bitch um BECAUSE I CAN
"y u do that"

"Because I Can Faggot"
by mohammod January 14, 2008
1.the excuse for anything that was either stupid random or both.
2.why I'm writing this definition
Why'd did you smoke that weed right in front of a cop
Just because I can
A phrase used by Nexon, advertising the game MapleStory. Now its just overused, ridiculing (sp?) the company. Hilarious.
Police officer: Why did you kill this young and innocent child??
Killer: Because I can, and its free!

MageGuy123456: y the hell do u keep ksing me? D=<
xXxn4ruT0b011111xxxx: becuz i can and itz free!!!

Person: Whats with you guys and that lame Maplestory commercial?
Nexon: Because I can and its free! (play or dai)
by Disclaimed October 6, 2007