Where you go to if you used frick,nards,crap, and gosh
Oh hecking heck I dropped my funnel cake that Justin made for me.
by That hecking trucker February 20, 2017
Where you go to if you don't believe in Gosh.
by Lover Boy September 15, 2003
a word ur gonna hear in almost every christian minecraft server
guy:im gonna kill u xd *dies*
by bigwillyman420 November 28, 2018
Another word for f*** but parent appropriate and can also make up for anybad word
Heck you, you mother hecker.
Heck off you heck
by Cam_da_man June 28, 2018
A fine old Yorkshire phrase (a county in Britain) to express oneself wholeheartedly!
By heck, what a fine lass you are!
by BritishParlance May 5, 2016
Person 1: Do you want to go to Panda Express with me?
Person 2: Heck no!
by i am cool123 May 31, 2016