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City of about 150,000 in West-Central North Carolina. It started as a tobacco town, and is the home or R.J. Reynolds Tobacco--makers of Camel, Winston and Salem cigarettes. Also famous for being the home of Wake Forest University and North Carolina School of the Arts. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts also started here about 70 years ago.
The home to one of two surviving Moravian communities in the country, and the Old Salem historical district is literally a 18th-Century town in the middle of the city.

Still very much a small southern town; city government has a fear of expansion and growth, and the "good old boys" still run things.
"I am going to Winston-Salem to buy some doughnuts and cigarettes."
by Hippydude April 17, 2005
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A town that can't make up its mind about anything. Home to RJR Tobacco (i.e.: Camels, Pall Malls, Winstons), but has outlawed smoking indoors; home to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, but has frantically tried to combat obesity. Places to go here are the countless Italian and Asian restaurants, the mall, and Costco. You can't drive 20 miles without seeing a church. Also has a desperate and struggling music scene, which is mainly folk and country, as well as pitiful cover bands, "rappers" who drive beat-up Miadas, and teenage metalcore kids who love Between the Buried and Me but don't live in Greensboro. Most people born here can't wait to leave, but still come back because nowhere else can be this odd.
I'm going back to Winston-Salem tomorrow, I hope I don't get into another fight with a vegan.

I was in Winston-Salem and I nearly hit the Pink Bike Lady.
by 2g3j6e February 05, 2011
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The Boca-Raton for artists.

Medium-sized city home to Wachovia, Reynolds America, a lot of retired people in the arts, Wake Forest University, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Hanes Brands, and of course: Krispy Kreme.

Would be WAY cooler if Greensboro didn't exist.
-Dude lets fly to Winston-Salem!

-Nah Bro, you gotta fly in to Greensboro.

-Gah. I hate Greensboro.
by ledash March 09, 2011
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A city in the SE United States in North Carolina. Known far and wide as a nexus of the asinine, and for being bereft of any pleasurable activities or passtimes; typically the youth of the city resort to such things as loitering, frittering, idling, trifling, and dawdling around with a blank stare. Most prominant landmark is the "Penile Tower".
There is absolutely nothing to do in Winston-Salem that is legal.
by Christian Yaerger September 15, 2006
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A large city in the ass end of nowhere with a penis as its largest building. Feel free to smoke anywhere, it's the only reason this shithole nothing-to-do town ever rose out of the tobacco fields and moonshine sheds.
"No one wants to live in Winston-Salem, you risk lung cancer driving through the place. I'm moving elsewhere as soon as fucking possible."

"By the way, keep your windows up downtown or you'll get shot by a banger or accosted by some cripple selling the paper.
by goddamnednobody June 01, 2009
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City in North Carolina with the best mall, Hanes Mall.
Girl-Lets go to Winston-Salem this weekend!

Second Girl- Yes im so ready to shop at hanes mall
by cute and sexi May 12, 2009
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