The century that lasted from 1701 to 1800; the 19th-Century, which was equally primitive, came after.

During these times, strange fads such as powdered wigs (as well as oversized wigs with ship contraptions in them; see Marie Antoinette), makeup with lead in it (yes, you read that correctly), and tricornes were prominent. This century is also associated with classical music, people like George Washington, guns that took too long to reload, pirates, colonialism, stagecoaches, uniforms that stuck out like a sore thumb, and a revolution in France which resulted in a headless king.
Did you just call a lantern a LANTHORN?! That's so 18th-Century.
by Flaminghorse August 10, 2018
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a lesbian from the eighteenth century who married a man to hide the fact that she was a lesbian and someday run away with her female bestie
I think that this must have been written about 18th century lesbians
by that1lesbian May 10, 2022
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