"Good old boys" is a term for a tight clique of male friends. They are usually friendly to others but at the same time the "good old boys" will often fuck others over if they think one of their own is in trouble or is in need of help.
Billy Bob got the promotion and I didn't even though I have more experience and education because he is a part of the "good old boys" network.
by Joe Internet December 30, 2006
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Tearm of endearment for a select group of southern boys and northern compatriots that display white foolishness by rowdy and ignorant behavior, while alluding to,and elevating their racist, allegedly great southern culture into something more than the losers of the Civil War.
Us good old boys got drunk and burned down the uppity Nigra's church.
by skribla66 September 19, 2006
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A country boy, often confused with a redneck. Good old boys and rednecks both hate blacks, but good old boys will screw them anyway.
Your wife is safe with Harlan, he's a good old boy.
by edison April 2, 2006
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Country slang a person uses when he initially comes off as amiable, but then progresses to attempting rape. If someone ever tells you to be a good old boy, just run! Once you're a good old boy...you can't go back.
(A guy in a cowboy hat walks up to a farmer boy)

Cowboy: Hey Jack, be a good old boy and come over to this barn here.

(The boy walks over to the barn)

Cowboy: So how your folks been doing?

Boy: Real good. Pa's just working on a car.

Cowboy: That's good...that's good. Why don't you be a good old boy and unzip my fly right here?

Boy: What?

Cowboy: Oh nothing...why don't you just be a good old boy and give me a blowjob?

Boy: I think I'm going to go...

(Cowboy holds the boy down)


(Starts violently punching and sodomising the rape victim)

Boy: What the hell! Get off of me!

(Cowboy starts putting on lipstick and crying)

Cowboy: Tell me I'm beautiful!

Boy: What?


Boy: Okay, you're beautiful

Cowboy: Do I look like a starfish to you?

Boy: What?

Cowboy (while thrusting): Good ol' boy! good ol' boy! gotta be a good ol' boy!
by SerpentineKronos July 24, 2009
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A grouping of people in power that use that power for their own direct personal benefit, usually indirectly.
Whether its the government or business, there are many good old boys clubs in the world.
by ne1for23 March 30, 2015
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