a shitty operating system created by a monopoly. Commonly used by idiots who are too stupid to RTFM. The only feature that Windoze has that Linux doesn't is the BSOD, commonly seen by Windoze users.
by I hate winblows November 11, 2003
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To sleep infront of your computer after the system being down for several seconds.
Windows ME started lagging, so I Windozed off into a land of chocolate and furry hippopotamuses named Jeffrey.
by B-Drac July 26, 2003
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the act of falling asleep while in front of an open window on a computer so if a superior walks in the subject can quickly wake up and it will appear as though they have been working.
BOSS: Keep up the good work Jenson!

JENSON: (waking up) wha-? oh um two please.

BOSS: You wern't just windozeing were you Jenson?
by Mike Shippo August 16, 2007
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A technologically advanced bulldozer created by Microsoftballs to plow down the HQ of Apple and Linux.
Make way for the Windozer 2000, Apple employees.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 17, 2003
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