When there is an open opportunity in someone's relationship, meaning someone else can walk in and code green that Boop.
Jillian finally told me about her Open Window
by Jillians Daddy February 27, 2017
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slank and much more entertaining way of saying "masterbating"
I like opening windows to let the breeze in. Some poeple have trouble opening windows because they are rusty. Opening windows in school isn't always appropriate. After I finish opening windows, all I see is sunlight.
by thelunchtable May 16, 2011
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Opened Window, adj. is the term used to describe the amount of time available before the authorities arrive on the scene after a riot, protest, prank, graffiti or crime has been committed. Let me know when the coast is clear because the opened window is a short amount of time.
They knew they had an opened window of 3 minutes to spray paint that statue and leave before the cops came. Time span intentional act unexpected prank well timed protest rehearsed acts planned riot
by Amazingman April 20, 2013
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To have intercourse with a woman of the prostitue persuasion who has the vagina resembling opening window and indeed shagging the night.
"wow... jenny the prozzie had a snatch. it was like OPENING WINDOW AND SHAGGING THE NIGHT!!!"
by cavna June 21, 2008
Anally destroying another man to the point it opens his "windows" or eyes to gay relationships.
I can't wait to open his windows tonight!
by Wham1155 January 8, 2014
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