A fat-ass that likes to jerk off in the corner during large parties.
Dude did you see Wilke last friday night?
by stosandputgay March 27, 2009
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An individual who has lost touch with reality. An individual in which reasoning does not take affect. A person of obsessive nature. A person in isolation.
Hey man, you're completely 'wilke.' Don't mess with that guy, he's 'wilke-o.' She's worse than freaked-out...she's gone 'wilke.'
by Buster Hymen October 4, 2003
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A fat ass Alaskan igloo dweller Who loves the IRL. Suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder leading him to believe "lefty" and his right hand mate "Fistina" love him for his personality. Hates CART and does not believe anyone atttends their races.
Wilke screws fistina while arguing with Lefty about Phoenix attendence in 1995.
by Tony George September 27, 2003
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Not handing in any coursework

Taking any excuse for staying off school
Being a lazy twat
Person 1: You hand in your history coursework?
Person 2: I did a wilks...
Person 1: your pathetic...
by The Coursework Avoider January 10, 2011
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apsolute weapon, clicks his finger and makes all women die of orgasm, there has only ever been one might Wilks who shall not be named.
by markforfillyourdreams January 3, 2018
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Tea without the teabag! Just hot water and milk (add sugar if you like) For those people wanting a hot drink, bored with endless tea and coffee at work, or just too tight to splash out on hot chocolate.
I would like a cup of wilk please.
by Croline May 18, 2011
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