Not handing in any coursework

Taking any excuse for staying off school
Being a lazy twat
Person 1: You hand in your history coursework?
Person 2: I did a wilks...
Person 1: your pathetic...
by The Coursework Avoider January 10, 2011
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-another word for milking a cow.
-to be evil
-to have an urge to take hydrogen oxide canisters(waterbottles)
Jonny: Hey did you see what that guy is doing to that cow!
Jon: No, what was it?
Jonny: that guy is doing the wilks
by CaramelPecpec January 24, 2007
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A fat-ass that likes to jerk off in the corner during large parties.
Dude did you see Wilke last friday night?
by stosandputgay March 26, 2009
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Tea without the teabag! Just hot water and milk (add sugar if you like) For those people wanting a hot drink, bored with endless tea and coffee at work, or just too tight to splash out on hot chocolate.
I would like a cup of wilk please.
by Croline May 18, 2011
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while having sex with your partner from behind and pulling your hands away from her hips slowly enough so that she doesn't really notice and then making face goggles with your hands. all the while trying not to laugh or get caught doing it and never telling her you did it
taking one hand off, then the other, then putting them up to your face. make a circle with your thumb and fore finger into a circle, put your middle finger, ring finger and pinkie around your jaw bone and tiwst your arms up to make hand goggles and a mask. all the while trying not to laugh histerically You have then achieved the "Wilke"
by dont get caught! July 02, 2011
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apsolute weapon, clicks his finger and makes all women die of orgasm, there has only ever been one might Wilks who shall not be named.
by markforfillyourdreams January 03, 2018
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