International organization that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of classified, "top secret", or any kind of sensitive documents.
Wikileaks about Pakistan's covert support for the Taliban fuel negative war debate for Obama.
by rperazag July 28, 2010
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The website that makes the United States of America and its allies shit bricks.
Nancy Pelosi: Wikileaks has ruined our relations with 1/3 of the world
by Khaleddd December 2, 2010
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1. Site for disseminating classified information.
2. Collaborative pissing in order to soak an object in urine.
Man1: "That jerkoff *insert name of jerkoff* is out and he's left his door unlocked. Let's go piss on his bed!"
Man2: "No doubt. I call Wikileaks".
by Trayfern August 30, 2013
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What follows Wikidrinks.
I had WAY to many Wikidrinks at that cyberbar and got a mean case of the Wikileaks.
by tha malcontent April 8, 2011
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Adjective: To make publicly known via "" information, whether vlassified or uncladsified in nature, intended for governmental organizations, departments or agents.

;more generally, to make something publically know which is private in nature and was meant to be kept secret by a third party. .
"USA diplomatic policy, this time on Iran, has again been Wikileaked"
by insertnamehererichard December 4, 2010
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Yet another evidence that the traditional media is dying slowly but steadily.
Grandpa: I'm following WikiLeaks on The Guardian.

Grandson: Who needs The Guardian when the original documents are available online for free?!

Grandpa: Online?! Huh? What site?
by Ahmed Zidan November 30, 2010
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To release information when the owner does not want it released.
I'm going to wikileak this information and everyone will know what is really going on.
by rnax December 6, 2010
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