A dope band that is underated as fuck
Guy 1: ever heard of grandson?
Guy 2: No

Guy 1: Dude you should check em out their music is like really good
by Afuckingnerd December 9, 2019
A cool band that is underated as fuck
Guy: Ever heard of grandson?
Other guy: no dude

Guy: you should really check them out their like so good
by Afuckingnerd December 9, 2019
Is a word used to call somebody a goat and certified gangsta and will whoop ass in any means and is the leader of any movement and is never a follower. This name is also used for a person that is gangsta and makes sure that the whole team is fed and has what they need. This name was also given to king von in prison when he was locked up. R.i.p king von you will be missed
That boy is a grandson this man whoop 7niggas asses in the same day
by saysfuck.shit December 13, 2020
Detroit,mi #slang. A greeting or calling of a friend who trustworthy loyal
What up grandson ? Wat you on tap in
by Bizzybee91 February 27, 2019
-past tense of "to grandson", a more drastic form of "to son"
"yo dizzle, you just got grandsonned fo shizzle. chuch"
by tomastos July 30, 2003