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A collaborative how-to website which is written by completely random people. You can write and edit articles, even without logging in. The majority of its population are obviously 10 year olds who have no idea how to write. The owners of the website actually profit off of the volunteer work by WikiHow's users which is pretty messed up. The authors at WikiHow must think that everyone is a total idiot because the articles they write are designed retards that have no idea what they're doing. Vandals and trolls are common and will probably delete your article or replace its contents with something inappropriate if they come across it.
Typical WikiHow article: How to visit Google Search engine.

1. Open your internet browser.
*Click the Start button.
*Click All Programs.
*Select the menu item associated with your internet browser.
2. Type the Google url into your address bar (located at the top of the browser's window).
*Press G on your keyboard.
*Press O on your keyboard.
*Press O on your keyboard.
*Press G on your keyboard.
*Press L on your keyboard.
*Press E on your keyboard.
*Press the period button on your keyboard.
*Press C on your keyboard.
*Press O on your keyboard.
*Press M on your keyboard.
3. Load Google.
*Press Enter on your keyboard.
by rfrsiopgjdog February 09, 2015
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A website full of user-created how-to's that are either completely inaccurate or stupid.
These are typical wikiHow articles: How to Use the Urban Dictionary (actually exists), How to Search Google (real), etc.
by rfrsiopgjdog April 28, 2015
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A stupid worthless website with pictures and it looks helpful but it is actually so dumb and useless because they are so obvious and probably made by kids 9-12 years old.
Yo, we already know this shit, so why do they keep saying Wikihow helps so freakin much. Wikihow says the things a seven year old would know.
by AdomC April 06, 2015
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A site ware majority of the people have minor basic knowledge on things and create unhelpful pages that were already obvious and it was probably made by a 12 year old.
How to be the perfect zombie for Halloween

You will need to look dead and rotting get some green and brown

Ware dirty looking or torn clothes

use somthing red for this
by Theheroingreen97 October 15, 2011
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Unlike its predecessor and unfriendlier Wikipedia, it's the WORLDS LARGEST COLLABORATIVE HOW-TO MANUAL that anyone can edit. Many people come together as a global community of volunteers to help contribute daily. Any patrolling/editing/new article boosting you do speaks volumes to the community.
Example 1: "Oh dude, some nasty language in that edit, I'm gonna roll back changes to the last good edit."

Example 2: "I see a ton of spelling/grammar/punctuation/sentence structure mistakes in this article, im going to go ahead and press the edit button on this article now to enlighten them, then perhaps it will even have the chance at becoming a featured article! Horray!"

Example 3: "Did you see my wikiHow about How to be a Goth?" "No, but you should read my article on How to be Preppy instead."
by UrbanEnthusiast December 19, 2009
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A website that has a lot of how-to articles written and edited by HTML noobs. Whenever you make a how-to article somebody will edit it and make your article you took a lot of time to write dumb so you edit it back to what you wrote but then they edit it again. A lot of times they have bad grammer and write stupid stuff in your article so all you want to do is grab them by the neck and bash their head into every object in the room you're in and kill them.
Bob wrote a new wikiHow article but some dude called Jim that has a user page that is all screwy looking that practically screams he's an HTML noob took off everything Bob took the time to write and added retarded stuff so Bob edited it back to what he wrote but then Jim the noob did the same thing again.
Bob: WTF?
Jim: Haha n00b i pwnz yoo!!!!111!!!!!!!! i mak yoor artikle all messed up!!111!!!! hahaha roflcopter lulz!!11!!!!!11one!!!!!11oneone!
by medleogol January 05, 2010
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wikiHow is an online manual on how to do anything. When not referencing the site directly, you will often hear the term used to mean "figure it out yourself" or as a passive aggressive way to make a comment.
Referencing the site directly
Person 1: Does anyone know how to get a wine stain out of carpet?
Person 2: Look it up on wikiHow!

"Figure it out yourself"
Person 1: I need help........
Person 2: wikiHow it.

Passive Aggressive way to make a comment
Person 1: I can't believe that person is still mad at me!
Person 2: wikiHow to get over it.
by mcz October 16, 2014
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