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A collaborative how-to website which is written by completely random people. You can write and edit articles, even without logging in. The majority of its population are obviously 10 year olds who have no idea how to write. The owners of the website actually profit off of the volunteer work by WikiHow's users which is pretty messed up. The authors at WikiHow must think that everyone is a total idiot because the articles they write are designed retards that have no idea what they're doing. Vandals and trolls are common and will probably delete your article or replace its contents with something inappropriate if they come across it.
Typical WikiHow article: How to visit Google Search engine.

1. Open your internet browser.
*Click the Start button.
*Click All Programs.
*Select the menu item associated with your internet browser.
2. Type the Google url into your address bar (located at the top of the browser's window).
*Press G on your keyboard.
*Press O on your keyboard.
*Press O on your keyboard.
*Press G on your keyboard.
*Press L on your keyboard.
*Press E on your keyboard.
*Press the period button on your keyboard.
*Press C on your keyboard.
*Press O on your keyboard.
*Press M on your keyboard.
3. Load Google.
*Press Enter on your keyboard.
by rfrsiopgjdog February 09, 2015

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A website full of user-created how-to's that are either completely inaccurate or stupid.
These are typical wikiHow articles: How to Use the Urban Dictionary (actually exists), How to Search Google (real), etc.
by rfrsiopgjdog April 28, 2015

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A server which enables you to browse the internet privately under a different IP Address. It basically emulates you browsing the web on a different computer hooked up to a different internet connection. Due to proxy servers being remote and possibly far away from you, they are usually slow or slower than your normal internet speed. Using a proxy server does not mean that your computer does not record your internet history, which will have to be cleared by you manually. Also, see proxy server.
1) You are advised to use a proxy server when you're browsing porn or performing illegal online activities because it makes you anonymous, decreasing the chance of you being identified.

2) Because Urban Dictionary determines whether you've liked a definition based on your IP Address, you can use proxy servers to like your own posts or like posts multiple times.
by rfrsiopgjdog February 08, 2015

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Awful media player by Apple which is usually installed by people only because they need it to run a .MOV file, Apple's shitty proprietary video format. Constantly freezes or lags out on older computers and laptops, and has the ugliest, most unintuitive GUI ever. Has features that require a paid PRO license which are free in other programs, such as video conversion. Has absolutely no support at all for the Windows version. It leaves behind various malware such as Apple Application Support and Apple Software Update when uninstalled.
If you're planning to install QuickTime, you might as well use Windows Media Player.
by rfrsiopgjdog December 16, 2014

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An advanced image editing application made by Adobe which is available on Windows and Mac. Its first version was made in 1988. It's probably been pirated by basically everyone who has it installed on their computer.
Who the heck would buy Photoshop? It costs like $700.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 06, 2015

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A program or device which hacks games, applications, etc to benefit you which often gets you banned if you are caught using it.
I increased my scores and health using a cheat engine in this video game and was banned by a moderator.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 11, 2015

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In technological terms, the event of a device, program, etc failing to respond to your actions, usually due to an error.
Freeze Example: As I was typing the final words of my college essay, Microsoft Word froze forcing me to close it and I lost all of my progress.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 11, 2015

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