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Awful media player by Apple which is usually installed by people only because they need it to run a .MOV file, Apple's shitty proprietary video format. Constantly freezes or lags out on older computers and laptops, and has the ugliest, most unintuitive GUI ever. Has features that require a paid PRO license which are free in other programs, such as video conversion. Has absolutely no support at all for the Windows version. It leaves behind various malware such as Apple Application Support and Apple Software Update when uninstalled.
If you're planning to install QuickTime, you might as well use Windows Media Player.
by rfrsiopgjdog December 17, 2014
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A program or device which hacks games, applications, etc to benefit you which often gets you banned if you are caught using it.
I increased my scores and health using a cheat engine in this video game and was banned by a moderator.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 12, 2015
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Windows 98 Second Edition is an operating system released by Microsoft which succeeds Windows 98. It's a completely different operating system. See the included link for a more detailed description.
by rfrsiopgjdog February 9, 2015
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When you find a swastika graffiti, and draw extra lines to make it a window. Then draw smiley faces in all the window panes.
In woodshop we found a swastika carved on the table, so he drew with a pencil to make it a Window of Happiness
by rfrsiopgjdog October 1, 2021
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A derogatory name the computer gives to you when you try to type or hit keys but you're not clicked into a text box.

Often triggers a ding or alert sound once for every key you presss.
*put book on keyboard while you're on the windows desktop*

by rfrsiopgjdog March 9, 2023
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An abbreviation of "Internet Protocol Address". Internet Protocol Addresses are assigned to every device connected to the internet (e.g. Wifi connected printers, computers, smartphones, etc) to distinguish them from each other. They are a series of random numbers separated by periods. The I.P. Address of your device can be tracked by websites that you visit using it. You can actually determine someone's approximate location if you obtain their I.P. Address by contacting the ISP that it belongs to. You can find information about your I.P. Address, someone else's I.P. address, or you can find the I.P. address of a website on myip.ms. is the I.P. address of Porn.com.
Searching "IP Address" on Google Search shows you what your I.P. address is.
by rfrsiopgjdog February 9, 2015
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When a decision maker is supposed to act impartial but makes their decisions based on their "friendship" with a stakeholder who benefits from those decisions.

Decision maker example: regulatory agency
Stakeholder example: business under regulation
FAA administrator, old friend of Boeing: Hm, should we ground these crashing 737 maxs? Maybe. 🕵️
Boeing: Hey, we will take care of the issue, promise. It can affect our profits if you ground them. Please please please don't ground them. Don't research too hard into the chances of crashes, pleasies!🥺
FAA administrator: hmm, you make a good point, and we were friends before. 🥲 Hmm, this is suddenly not a real issue anymore, no siree. This will go very well. 😌 Man diet corruption tastes good.
by rfrsiopgjdog August 23, 2023
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