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Stupid damn shit that was invented to ruin your day after school and fuck up your grade.
Fuck homework
by AdomC May 10, 2015

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A deadly disease that strikes high school seniors. This disease makes seniors wear really smelly clothes, over styling their hair and the boys don't care about shaving anymore. It also allows seniors to make excuses for not coming to school repeatedly and it also allows them to party and get drunk as hell like college kids until they get in trouble with the police. Only cures are to put them in college or graduation.
Junior: Hey man, where have you been? I haven't seen you at school for two months.
Senior: Dude, I have Senioritis. I don't give a shit about my grades anymore.
by AdomC March 21, 2015

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The number one shittiest and stupidest subject ever invented!!
Fuck Algebra.
by AdomC April 28, 2015

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A place where the kids start to get "high" on drinking which is why they call it high school. You expect it to be like the fucking baloney Hollywood movies because your parents tell you high school is all about romance, dances, dating, and some other shit but it is totally the opposite unless if you party and ride your dick all the time AND get a car by your sophomore year.
Aunt: OMG my nephew is finally is in high school!! You have a girlfriend yet?
Nephew: Nah, I ain't got any bitches yet cause I don't have a car and I don't get drunk as Hell in the stupid parties.
Aunt: Don't worry. Just treat the girls with respect!!!
Nephew: Whatever!!!!!
by AdomC May 10, 2015

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Just big fucking bullshit that you have to take in high school. This is meant for colleges such as USC, Stanford, UC or Ivy League schools to judge how smart or dumb you are. Whats the point about it when you have class grades? So fuck it cause it wastes time and thinking.
Teacher: Alright class get prepared for the SAT class coming next week.
Classmate: Yeah, well if we don't do well on the dumb ass exam we can always go to community college.
by AdomC March 09, 2015

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Something on a female that a guy wants to suck on, which is a bitch's vagina.
I want to suck on that sexy hoe's pussy and fuck her in her bed.
by AdomC May 10, 2015

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A rapper who looks full black but is actually half Vietnamese and half Jamaican. He was born in Compton, one of the blackest cities in California which is why he has a full black attitude.
Tyga acts so black he may not even know he's half Asian.
by AdomC August 17, 2015

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