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A philosopher who invented subjects that are making students in high school and college work their asses off and suffer like slaves.
Someone needs to invent a time machine to punish Aristotle by spanking his ass.
by AdomC May 06, 2016
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The reason why my ass suffered in Geometry and Algebra!
If I could get revenge on Aristotle I would invent a time machine and spank him a hundred times to get even!
by AdomC May 06, 2016
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The worst and most stupid subject ever made.
My dumbass Algebra 2 teacher is assigning this brainless material.
by AdomC March 14, 2015
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The ghetto place where all the Los Angeles food snobs go to. About seventy five percent of the people here are Mexican, black and Samoan and are fat blobs just like the blob in the movie "X-Men Origins Wolverine". It has all the fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, Jack in the Box, Wendy's and more. So if you are a big junk food addict then come to Carson.
Guy 1: Hey bro, I'm hungry where do ya wanta eat?
Guy 2: Yo, lets go to a restaurant in Carson where we both can eat some fries and a juicy ass burger.
Guy 1: Hell yeah!!! Lets go!!!
by AdomC May 03, 2015
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A fucking obnoxious shitty subject you have to take unless you don't want to get into a four year university. You'll never even use Chemistry after high school or college unless you're a mad ass scientist who likes making bombs or drugs or both.
I gotta suffer one year and take Chemistry if I want to get into UH. This fucking sucks cuz I'll never even use this shit in business.
by AdomC February 27, 2016
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The one state in the United States where weed is legal. If you want to get some weed and camp out then Colorado is the place to be.
Guy 1: Yo man, do you know a state that contains some good weed shops.
Guy 2: Yeah man, we should go to Colorado to get some weed.
Guy 1: Oh yeah! Pack your things!
by AdomC June 28, 2015
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