1. Breaded boneless pork chop (German: schnitzel) beaten flat. Originates from Vienna (German: Wien). Traditionally spelled as two words.
2. World's largest hot dog chain, located in the Western United States and Guam. It's name came from confusion with definition 1 and Wiener, which means hot dog.
1. John sent his Wiener schnitzel back since it wasn't beaten flat enough.
2. Dave ate a hot dog at Wienerschnitzel because he hates burgers.
by Big Red Cuse November 09, 2006
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A man’s penis. Usually referred to this way in a tone of sarcastic disgust, when the speaker (usually female) is mildly-to-moderately irritated.
“Attentive” boyfriend: How did you sleep last night, honey?
Exasperated girl: I didn’t sleep a wink --- how could I sleep with your wienerschnitzel poking at me all night?!
by QuacksO September 25, 2011
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Using your cock to slap a girl/woman/bitch across the face. Must be accompanied by a clearly heard *SLAP* sound.
That wienerschnitzel party was great last night! I must've wienerschnitzeled at least 30 people!
by Wienerschnitzel-aholic August 10, 2009
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Place I used to work. The pay is great and I got to have free lunch/dinner (I was supposed to pay though).
Melanie: Hey B-Dogg, where do you work?
BDogg: I work at Wienerschnitzel
Melanie: ooh, What are you doing tonight?
by BDogg4Twizzle June 04, 2009
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when a guy becomes the most wanted wiener in the room
"last night at the party, john wienerschnitzeled that room the minute he walked in!"
by Michael Honcho, Jr. May 02, 2008
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when a guy takes a shit on a girl's pussy and then fucks her
Vladimir made a big mess after giving Abigail a wienerschnitzel.
by proDICKrider July 29, 2006
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