1. General-purpose term for any hypothetical object, esp. used in textbook demonstrations.

2. A floating widget is found inside cans of beer where it collects nitrogen from the fluid and forecefully releases it upon opening, creating a foamy head in imitation of draught beer.

3. In programming, a widget is a graphical component often used to build a graphical user interface.
Adam Smith's factory manufactured 120,000 widgets per annum at four pence each.
by Belisarius March 2, 2004
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a device that is very useful for a particular job gadget,gizmo
Widget means any device generic to the reference. In some machine, it would be a small device having its own function. In software, widgets are small components with specific application/use.
by Nag April 18, 2005
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They didn't have a relationship and it wasn't just a friendship. It was more of a widget.
by Dallas's Widget January 13, 2011
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A midget or considerably short person who has the facial features of a wizard
mate, i think that widget at the pub last night put a spell on me, i've got the worst hangover ever!
by bob elton October 25, 2007
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for years, the term has been a popular word for a generic "thing" when there is no real name for it. It is often used to describe examples of made-up products along with other fictitious names,
for example, "10 widgets, 5 frabbits and 2 dingits."
by Bilal and Jackie January 30, 2007
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That is the angriest drunk Widget I have ever seen.
by Shadylokes January 20, 2012
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(n): Someone who is annoying, stupid, lame. Someone who has done something stupid or idiotic.
"Psh you widget!"
"What are you doing widget?"
by Hawaiiquikslvr April 25, 2007
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