The most amazing girl. She cares about others more than herself . She's very outgoing and always makes everyone happy when she's around. Everyone enjoys her company . Her beautiful dark hair , brown eyes, and tan-ish skin. She's loyal and loving. Her favorite color is green. She works hard for what she deserves . Without her everything seems dead and boring everyone loves her company . She fills people's lives with laughter and happiness . She a freak and is a very touchy person. She loves touching people , it's her habit . :) . Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants her . The guy in every girls dreams wants her too. Her smile can brighten up your whole day . She's much more beautiful natural than with makeup but she is very beautiful with in on too.
Omg I missed annum so much , her presence makes me happier :)
by Anonymous5647382919 February 03, 2017
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