Related to R/Whoosh which means a joke has completely gone over your head ("whoosh") is the sound of something flying over you
You got whooshed = you completely misunderstood the point of the joke
by antimansplainers September 30, 2018
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Getting ones balled squished between another persons toes

Or another example is being someone’s bitch
Woah man Samantha whooshed me last night! Never doing that sh*t again”

“Ima whoosh u tonight sucka;)”
by Ms luv March 3, 2021
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Looking in the internet comment section you may see "r/whoosh", or "whoosh" and wonder "wHaT dOeS iT mEaN?".
I got chu.

If you see a dumb comment that completely misses the point of the subject (for example someone not getting/taking a joke), then you type "whoosh" which means it went way over their head!
Person1: 911 was done by Teletubbies

Person2: lmao

Person3: NO IT WASN'T!!! Why do people keep saying that *gives a long ass theory on what their opinion is*

Person2: r/whoosh!
by XChristinaXx September 3, 2018
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Single word exclamation, accompanied by a gesture where the hand is swept palm down over the head from front to back with about three inches clearance.

Indicates that the joke just told was too sophisticated for the listener and has gone "way over their head".

Sometimes comes to mind when reading feedback on Urban Dictionary quality control.
2. paris

Capital of North Africa.

j'en ai marre
Source: fnjlas, Jun 20, 2004

A user said this should be deleted: Factually incorrect and the example is not even in English."

by CougarSW2 November 15, 2004
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The act of ripping off ones clothes whilst simultaneously sticking ones penis up ones vagina. A popular sex move in Halifax.
'Yeh the sex was pretty good last night. It started off with The Whoosh'
by KikiMusampa August 8, 2012
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Spoken otomatopeia that indicates when something has gone over the listener's head.
A: This movie is so gay!
B: There are no homosexuals in this movie.
A: Whoosh!
by R. Kemp December 15, 2005
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A sound in one's ears or actually in the brain sometimes made by a disease called Tinnitus. Missed deadlines can make the same sound.
"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
Douglas Adams, English novelist
Ooopss, I am late with my tax forms, just heard the deadline whooshing.
by Extrem0phile February 27, 2006
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