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Stands for "Three Letter Acronym" or "Three letter abbreviation". See also XTLA.
ATM is a common TLA, or BMW, or XML and so on.
by Extrem0phile August 22, 2005
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Those guys who most of their time claim that they are just on the way to an airport, come from an airtrip, or tell us what distant place they have seen last week. So that we others know, how important they are.
"I came yesterday back from Paris, uuuhhh, and the night-life there..."

"Aren't you just aerogant?"
by Extrem0phile June 11, 2006
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A sound in one's ears or actually in the brain sometimes made by a disease called Tinnitus. Missed deadlines can make the same sound.
"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
Douglas Adams, English novelist
Ooopss, I am late with my tax forms, just heard the deadline whooshing.
by Extrem0phile February 27, 2006
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Not giving answers to questions by either responding with "alternative facts" (=lies) or with perfectly unrelated monologues. When the other person insists on an answer, the conwaying person repeats such responses until the asking person gives up in frustration or because time runs out.
When she starts conwaying, it is getting impossible to have a sensible talk about things that matter.
by Extrem0phile July 3, 2017
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