A person, usually of black and white parents, that is recognized as only being white.
Ppl seem shocked when I tell them my dad is black. I go though life white passing.
by Lyle Butane August 24, 2017
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Someone who is biracial, but is mostly recognized as white, and reaps the benefits of white privilege
“I am a person of colour, because my father is (even though my mother isn’t). Though my appearance gives me privileges my father doesn’t based off of our appearances.I am a White Passing person of colour”
by kermittthefrrog July 04, 2018
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Refers to racial inequality and white privilege, particularly in America. It directly relates to small barriers being removed or doors opened simply on the basis of race/culture. An example might be a white person accidentally runs a traffic light, and the officer gives the driver a warning, whereas if a black person accidentally ran that same light that same officer would more likely write a ticket.
"Despite dropping out of college and a spotty work record, Bob got the job with his White Pass."
by Andy Somers April 06, 2020
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when a biracial person with one caucasian parent appears to be of only caucasian descent if you do not know about their racial background
"i didn't know chloe's dad was black! she's so white passing!"
by dumdristig December 20, 2017
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