3 definitions by Lyle Butane

A hair style where a person is bald in the middle of their head but have hair on the sides.
Many middle aged men sport a Polish Mohawk.
by Lyle Butane September 18, 2017
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A person, usually of black and white parents, that is recognized as only being white.
Ppl seem shocked when I tell them my dad is black. I go though life white passing.
by Lyle Butane August 24, 2017
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A wrestling term. The combination of shoot (real) and work (fake). Shootwork is where something happen's where a fan doesn't know if it was planned or unscripted. This is occasionally used to create unpredictability and to spice things up..
Cena's take down of Reigns last week was a perfect example of a shootwork. Cena was dropping truth bombs yet still remaining in character.
by Lyle Butane September 22, 2017
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