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Prejudice plus power is a definition popular among white academics that defines racism as "prejudice plus institutional power". It was invented by white social scientists including Bidol-Padva and has faced criticism from writers of critical race theory. Due to how institutional racism is understood, no individual can be institutionally racist or systemically racist, so no individual can be racist using the P+P definition.

As a definition rooted in white supremacy, it assumes that power is a zero-sum game.

Also known as prejudice + power, P+P, and R=P+P.
Minorities can't be racist because we have no power! Racism is prejudice plus power, and while I am prejudiced, I don't have the systemic power to be racist.

Actually, there are multiple levels of racism including systemic racism. You can be internally and interpersonal racist, regardless of your racial identity. And P+P was literally invented by white people to hurt the Black Panthers, so cut it out.
by encantador December 23, 2021
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Daughter of Malcolm X, writer, and public speaker. Ilyasah is known for being a vocal activist against anti-Blackness. However, she is also known for her controversial support for the racist conspiracy theory that non-Black racial groups such as Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Asian people are "whited-out" versions of Black people. According to a post she made on Instagram, these racial/ethnic groups were originally Black, and all culture, language, and inventions credited to them should be credited to Black people - not the fake "whited-out" versions we recognize today. As a theory rooted in eugenics and white supremacy, it is false.

Ilyasah also posted an image on Instagram referring to Asian people as "Mongoloids" which is a term created by European eugenicists who sought to commit genocide against 'inferior races' such as Asian people. In the image she posted, a dark-skinned pacific islander was holding a surfboard. She expressed in the caption that Black people invented surfing and are the real pacific islanders.
"Black people are the original Egyptians, Native Americans, and Asians. The fake ones you see today are the result of Black people being forcefully whited-out with caucasian blood!"

"Bro stop. You sound like Ilyasah Shabazz"
by encantador February 25, 2022
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A term people use when they can not identify ethnic features on light skinned POC because they perceive POC in stereotypes. When a POC does not fit into those stereotypes, they are lumped with white people, because the person calling them white passing perceives whiteness as the ‘norm’ or default.
Person 1: Alyssa, you’re white passing.

Person 2: No, I’m mixed. You’re just chronically online and racist.
by encantador January 9, 2022
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